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Sarah writes in several different mediums, including: short stories, novels, podcast scripts, and film and television scripts. Sarah has also dabbled in comic scripts. 


Current Projects
  • La Mochila Express (2024)
    60-Minute Pilot
    An all-woman motorcycle club runs mail between survivors' camps after the world ends. When a group of roamers threaten the women's way of life, one of the members must save the club. 

  • BUZZ (2023) - Festival Circuit
    Short Film Writer | Director | Producer
    In the wee hours of the morning, a strange man buzzes the intercom of a woman's apartment. 


  • Pieces & Parts (2023)
    Feature Script 
    A reluctant funeral director tries to save her father's funeral home by selling body parts ot make ends meet. 

  • Break, Break (2022) - Festival Circuit
    Short Film | Writer | Producer
    A lone woman survives the apocalypse in a cabin in the mountains and uses a ham radio to try to reach other survivors. 

  • Undesirables (2022)
    Short Script 
    After swapping life sentences for an experimental deep space mission, the convict crew of the Improbable are faced with the decision to save humanity when their ship’s computer detects an interference in their mission parameters.

Accolades & Awards
  • Undesirables 
    Second Rounder, 2023 ScreenCraft Film Fund 

  • Break, Break 
    Semifinalist, 2020 ScreenCraft Podcast Competition
    Quarterfinalist, 2022 Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards 


  • La Mochila Express
    Top 50, 2021 Launch Pad Prose Competition
    Top 50, 2021 Roadmap's Write Start Manuscript Competition 
    Semifinalist, 2022 The Script Lab Free Screenplay Contest


  • Seeds
    Official Selection, 2017 First 10 Pages Script Contest

  • Hell in Heels
    Quarterfinalist, 2017 Big Break
    Quarterfinalist, 2016 & 2017 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

    Second Rounder2016 Austin Film Festival 

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